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About factoring

Factoring is a short-term commercial transactional financing of accounts receivable and normally inc...

Use the opportunity to retain existing customers and attract new ones. You got an access to the fina...

Your suppliers provide credits on the base of purchase volumes and payment discipline. Using factori...

The key difference between factoring finance and bank loan is that factoring gives you access to fun...

5 february 2016
«First Factoring Company» has started  the development of the ASUFO 2.0 - a new version of the automated factoring management system.
15 march 2014
This is to notify that our office address has been changed to: 3F, 301 Khussainov street, 050061, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Our mission is to participate in development of a factoring in Kazakhstan and to assist in transforming it from by-bank product into the independent high-tech commercial finance industry abling to provide a real support to SME business. 

First Factoring Company

Queries to Experts

I am afraid that customers who are past due and who are subject to pressure from the factor will go to competitors!


Clearly, the success of factoring company depends in direct ratio on the number of customers’ debtors. We ensure the correctness of our staff who is involved in the collection of receivables.

Tolegen Muldashev
General Director